cccccMany people desire to have a smooth, cleansed and nutrient-enhanced skin. While spas and salons provide facial treatments to enhance the face and skin, they are often quite expensive, a single session can even cost over 75 dollars.

The labelle skin care spatula is a do-it-yourself version of the popular skin treatment method known as ultrasonic skin scrubbing which is usually done in spas. This exceptional skin treatment product is designed by Trophy Skin, a leading manufacturer of anti-aging, microdermabrasion and acne therapy home-based devices. It gently and effectively exfoliates the skin, extracts the pores and eliminates dirt and debris.

The device employs sonic technology where ultrahigh vibrations (30,000 per second) clean your skin and gently extract your pores. It combines the skin scrubber mode and infusion mode to professionally eliminate dirt, oil and accumulated waste on the skin, leaving it radiant, smooth and attractive.

Using the skin scrubber mode makes it easier for the skin pores to absorb soothing and high quality nutrients that you may want to apply to the skin. Using the infusion mode, you can nourish your skin with creams and serums deep inside for optimal effect. The product is safe for a wide range of skin types including those with acne, aging skin, rosacea (a skin condition characterized by facial redness and skin bumps) and sensitive skin.

The Spatula

The spatula is designed using 100% stainless steel. It vibrates at 30,000 Hz, and this facilitates highly effective skin exfoliation. It is made in such a way that it has no sharp edges which can cause discomfort.

Skin Scrubber Mode

To use this mode you need to hold the spatula at a downward angle. After wetting your skin, you glide the spatula’s edge gently along the surface of the skin. This will remove any buildup in the pores.

Infusion Mode

This mode allows the user to infuse their favorite skincare lotion or serum deep into the skin. To do this, the spatula is held flat against the skin for maximum absorption through the pores.

Directions for use

The first step is cleansing the face with a mildly-foaming cleanser to remove excess oils and any makeup. You then wet your face, turn the device to peeling (scrub) mode and start the process of gently extracting the pores and exfoliating the skin. After drying the face, you can then apply your favorite serum or anti-aging cream. Finally turn on the ion (infusion) mode to allow the cream or serum to penetrate deep inside for complete effectiveness.


Overall, the labelle skin care spatula is an excellent and easy way of cleansing and infusing quality products into the skin. It is a must-have for anyone who desires a cleansed, attractive and healthy skin.

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