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Purchasing quality hair extensions is a bit confusing and time consuming. Buying wrong set or treated hair or overly processed hair can be a costly mistake. However, most of them do not understand fundamentals. They end up purchasing poor quality extensions. Having quality extensions is incredible and can be life changing for people struggling with limp or fine locks, which do not grow long.

Id it possible to visit the vendor? What information do you have about your seller/supplier? You are going to spend hundreds of dollars on hair extensions. Therefore, you should research more about the supplier. Getting a sample from a supplier does not imply you will be purchasing quality hair in future. The majority of suppliers have greathair extensions 8
hair samples but sell poor quality hair after receiving orders. Seeing several packets can be a bit convincing as this can guarantee consistent production. Does your supplier have examples of real remy and non-remy hair? You need to be 100% sure about products you are buying whether they are real. These tips will be helpful:

Color choice
Sometimes you can order extensions and get colors you were not expecting. Therefore, ensure you contact your online seller about the different colors they have. Ask for a chat to help you make a good selection. It is quite hard to replicate actual colors more when viewing them on the computer monitor. Sometimes what appears on screen monitor may not be the best when you get it. Fortunately, you can dye hair extensions. This is possible if they are 100% human hair.

Hair quality
hair extensions 9You should note that hair quality varies greatly. Some can last for about 12 months while others last a few weeks. It is necessary to purchase remy hair as all cuticles face the same direction. When you use the product, the hair does not tangle easily. In such a case, you may end up removing extensions. Non-Remy hair has been found to become unmanageable and matted. You will get three main types: Chinese, European, and Indian. For instance, Indian hair is thinner than Chinese hair but thicker than European hair.

Which lifestyle do you want? You can buy extensions for wedding, school formal, or a night out as planned. Clip on the extensions can be a great option. This is because they can easily be added in few minutes.

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