Young beautiful girl applying make-up by make-up artist

To answer this question objectively we need to lay down a step by step guide on how to apply good makeup.

Step 1. Apply a foundation
The first step is to apply an appropriate foundation for your makeup. So how does one determine an excellent foundation? It’s quite simple, foundation must match the skin color. Apply the foundation in your hands or a sponge then transfer it to your face. You should not apply it beneath your chin or in your neck.

sdmk82Step 2. Use a concealer.
The color in the concealer ought to be lighter as compared to the color in your foundation. Use a brush to spread it evenly. While doing this don’t stretch your skin. You can make use of the concealer on places where there are blemishes like pimples.

Step 3. Use powder.
Apply a small layer of a Powder using a brush. Powder shouldn’t be applied using a sponge. After that brush off any excess powder that you could have applied using a clean sponge.

Step 4. Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow needs to be a little bit darker shade especially for those who have a broad eyelid. For those with smaller eyelids areas then lighter shades could be used. If it is carried out in this way, then makeup will have a perfect match for it.

Step 5. Eyeliner.
Using a pencil draw narrow lines from one corner of the eyelid to the other. Make the upper eyelid appear darker as compared to the lower eyelid.

Step 6. Apply mascara
Apply mascara on the root of your eyelid to the top. After that rub out all excess mascara that you could applied with a mascara pad. Do that on both the upper and lower eyelid.

Step 7. Shape eyebrows
Shape your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil.

Step 8. Apply blush.
Apply blush to your cheeks using a blush brush. To make the edges more lightened then you have to use a sponge.

Step 9. Apply Lipstick
In the case, you use a lip liner to apply a lipstick then the color you use in the liner shouldn’t be darker than your lipstick. Try to use neutral colors that match the colors of your lipstick. You should start from the centre of the lips and then draw a line to each and every corner of the lips

As you apply the makeup using the above procedure, ensure that you have a towel wrapped around your neck to shield your clothes. Following the above procedure on how to apply makeup will definitely provide you with the question that many people ask of how to apply make up?

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