There comes a time in life when you do not need that tattoo again. You have had it since your early twenties, and now you want to get rid of it. Fortunately, laser technology makes it possible to remove even stubborn inks. Traditionally, they were scraped, surgically removed, peeled away, and frozen off. The processes were very painful. Nowadays, methods used are less painful. You will need continuous sessions until you completely get treated. It usually takes about ten weeks to get completely rid of the tattoo. These are vital tips to know

Not all tattoos will go
laser tattoo therapy 2This will help you understand your expectations. It is necessary to consult laser tattoo removal expert. You will find some tattoos only fading after treatments.

Older is better
The ease of removal depends on the age of your tattoo. It has been found that older tattoos are easily removed with use of laser treatments as compared to newer ones.

Body placement matters

The location of your tattoo will affect the duration of the removal. For instance, it takes the time to remove tattoos that are placed further down the leg or arm.

Who did the tattoo
If an expert did your tattoo, it becomes easier to remove it. However, if it was done by an amateur, you are going to find the process tough.

If your tattoo is made up of various colors, you will undergo some laser tattoo therapy 1sessions to remove them. This is because, every color requires a different laser. There is no laser to remove multiple colors. Lasers use light, and various dyes have different light wavelengths. Green and dark are very easy to remove while purple and yellow are very difficult to fade.

Use sunscreen
Sunscreen can help you in different ways. Usually, laser treatments make areas around your tattoo lighter or darker. After treatment process apply sunscreen. This can help minimize changes in skin pigment.

Darkening effect
There are some tattoos such as white and pink that darken when laser therapy is done. You can correct this effect without any further treatment. If there are concerns about skin darkening, the process can be tested on a minor spot first.

Are you allergic?
You may have allergic reactions such as intense swelling and itching when getting a tattoo. Inform your doctor in advance. This will help you a different tattoo removal method.…