Eyebrow embroidery 3

Eyebrow embroidery is natural and semi-alternative to eyebrow tattooing. In this technique, local anesthetic creams are used. The creams are applied to the region to minimize your pain during the process. A technician uses the chemicals to draw some ink lines, which resemble eyebrow hairs along the brow line. In the best eyebrow embroidery, only natural dyes are used. The results are polished and full eyebrows, which are likely to last for about three years.

Before the procedure starts, your eyebrow areas are prepped. ThisEyebrow embroidery 3 area is cleaned, and eyebrows plucked to your desired template shape. When preparation is done, a professional technician numbs your eyebrow area with local anesthetic creams that decrease the discomfort you will experience during the operation. After numbing cream creates an effect, the professional uses special motorized embroidery equipment to draw eyebrow lines in your preferred areas. The whole processes take about an hour to complete.

Why do people go for eyebrow embroidery?
The answer is very simple. Every person wants to look normal. However, no person is born perfect. Some unfortunate people were born with fault eyebrows; others have eyebrow hairs or thin eyebrows. You will find such eyebrows are not looking like normal eyebrows. Moreover, some people have lost their eyebrows due to diseases or accidents, and will want to look normal. Film and movie stars have spawned an interest among ladies to have to have thick eyebrows, in hope of looking attractive to others.

Eyebrow embroidery 4Traditionally you would pencil your eyebrows to make them thick. The method was simple, as you could change the slant, color and style of your thick eyebrows. The main disadvantage is that they never looked natural. The process was troublesome to apply and temporary.

Then another method sprung up. Tattooing the eyebrows was considered permanent. This saved people trouble of spending lots of hours painting on sexy eyebrows that looked symmetrical. The results good look better at a distance, but on close-up there are unattractive. Unfortunately, you could not change it as it was permanent. Therefore, you could not change the style.

Eyebrow embroidery is less permanent and makes a better sense. The thick eyebrows will fade in the next two to three years. Therefore, you can change your style if you want. The other procedure coming up is eyebrow transplant. It is a difficult, tedious procedure that requires hours to complete. Always ensure your procedure is carried out by experts only.

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